Winter Lookbook shot by Silkmade

This Winter I decided that I wanted to showcase some of my favourite outfits that I would wear everyday, if the Weather was just a little bit warmer in Ottawa. My outfits are mainly focused on outerwear because in Winter that is the most important part.

The first piece consists of a Danier Jacket which I purchased last fall and I absolutely adore it. It features leather sleeves and a wool fabric overall. It’s a great coat to wear all winter if you always make sure you wear a thicker sweater underneath and a scarf. It has a few pockets and a single oversized pocket on both sides that can fit more than you need. With this outfit I am wearing a grey dress and a huge scarf with some boots. To make this outfit warmer this winter, add a sweater on top of the dress and thicker tights or even thicker socks as well.

_DSC2666 _DSC2671 _DSC2683 _DSC2686 _DSC2695 _DSC2713 _DSC2716 _DSC2720 _DSC2724

The second piece features an oversized turtleneck with a giant blanket scarf and my favourite skirt. The look is more comfortable for fall but to make it more winter friendly you can add thicker tights or even a light jacket to make sure you stay a bit warmer.

_DSC2615 _DSC2622 _DSC2644 _DSC2655 _DSC2659 _DSC2665

The third piece features my newest purchase, a faux fur vest. I paired it with a light turtleneck, jeans and some boots. I love how natural the vest looks and the color is the best part. It took me months to find this piece, I looked everywhere, high and low and when I finally gave up, I found this piece at Aerie. If you wanted to make this outfit warmer, I would add a thicker sweater underneath the vest, a scarf, a warmer hat and warmer boots.

_DSC2747 _DSC2767 _DSC2775 _DSC2786 _DSC2813

The fourth and final piece is one with an oversized poncho that I paired with a turtleneck, jeans and the same boots. For this look, if you need to make it more winter friendly, add a thicker turtleneck, some real winter boots, mitts and potentially a light jacket. This is by far my favourite outfit because the poncho is a lot warmer than expected and I love how you can wrap yourself up in in it like a blanket.

_DSC2815 _DSC2820 _DSC2836

I hope you enjoyed my winter lookbook for 2016 and all these photos are taken by an amazing photographer, Silkmade. He has an amazing eye for detail and I loved working with him. He made sure each outfit was showcased individually and show its true potential to make an outfit even better.

Here are some extra photos!! _DSC2640 _DSC2691

Thanks so much for reading! xoxo

All these amazing photos are done by Silkmade and if you have a chance check out his other work


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