Valentine’s Day Gifts – For Him

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon – two weeks to be exact and of course, you’re running around trying to find the perfect gift for your crush or loved ones. I have a few ideas for that last minute shopper in you. There are typical gifts I could suggest to you to get your significant other but today along with easy gifts, there are a few other gifts I have in mind that I know they will love.

The first gift I would suggest getting him is for the movie goer in him. There are many movies coming out in late January and early February that not only he can enjoy, but you can as well. The films I would recommend purchasing: Straight Outta Compton (Jan 19th), Bridge of Spies (Feb 2nd), The Last Witch Hunter (Feb 2nd) and just in time for Valentines Day… Spectre (Feb 9th). These films are a few of my personal favourites that have been released in late 2015. Considering my boyfriend asked for a few of these on his list, I am happy to extend the recommendations onto the fellow last minute shoppers.

But if he doesn’t like movies and is more into playing video games… like most guys are, there are a few recommendations I have for that as well. Recent releases that my boyfriend has been raving about are: Starwars Battlefront, Rainbow Six: Seige, Just Cause 3, Call of Duty, Madden 16, NBA 2K16, Rise of the Tomb Raider. All these games got amazing reviews and I have played a few of them myself and I personally say they’re all some of the best games this year.

Another interesting and satisfying gift you can purchase for your man is tickets to see his favourite sports team. I would say this gift is rather on the pricey side but it’s a gift you can both enjoy together. Even if you don’t like sports as much as your guy does (like myself) you can still enjoy how excited he will get when he opens your gift. I’ve given this gift before as well and I enjoyed spending 2-3 hours watching an intense game happening right in front of you.

A third gift you can purchase for your guy is a super special limited edition gift box from Parcelly. I love this box so much because it comes with personalized items: A book called Stuff Every Man Should Know (great idea), Shaving Soap, Funny Sticky Notes and a Bow Tie. The box also comes with a personalized card option… Either “you’re the man” or “I love you”, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day. This gift is really great for that added sentimental touch. It just shows how much you love that special guy. Today is the last day you can purchase this gift set to get it on Valentine’s Day (IF you live in the US) so if I were you… I would not wait until the last minute. (Canadian Shoppers… you still have a few more days to get yours in time)

I know getting the perfect gift for someone is hard and exhausting at times, especially for a day as romantic as Valentine’s Day. I know each and every V-Day I spent countless hours trying to come up with unique, sentimental and rewarding gifts. These are just some of the suggestions I have this Valentine’s Day but I know spending money isn’t everyone’s favourite thing… So in the next few days I will be releasing a list of DIY Ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for girls and guys.

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