Tips For Rushing a Sorority

Since joining my amazing organization, Xi Delta Theta in the past fall I have learned so much about myself, my hometown and the girls I now consider my sisters. Before this was all possible, I had gone through a period of two weeks called rushing… which is when you attend events that the organization puts on and you take part in where you can experience the types of things that go on in a certain organization. This is where you decide if you can see yourself becoming a member of it and if the organization believes they can see you as a member as well. Since I am a newly initiated member of my sorority and I did indeed experience rush twice I want to pass on what I learned during both times. There are many DO’s and DONT’S of rushing and I am going to go into my personal list of things that may help you if you are considering joining the Greek life.

DO put yourself out there and out of your comfort zone BUT if something is uncomfortable for you then let a sister know and know that you are not forced to do it. DO meet, as many girls as you can, sisters or not because the other girls you are rushing with might become your sisters one day. DO be yourself, you won’t thrive in a place where you are forced to be something you are not, and we all just want you to find your right home in a sea of options. DO come back if you feel like you found the right place for you but do not get in… This shows any organization that you are dedicated and are really interested in joining them… Plus the girls probably remember you and genuinely want to see you again. DO come to as many events as you can because that way you can get to know everyone better BUT do not make the events number one priority. For example, if you have class during an event, you are encouraged to not skip it to attend an event… Don’t worry, there are many more! DO have fun… organizations hold the rush period to open it up for new members and they plan events specifically with you in mind and want you to enjoy yourselves.

Finally, my last piece of advice is to ask questions because Greek Life can be extremely confusing and every single girl or guy wants to make the transition as easy as possible for you!

If you want to see other DO’s and DONT’S please do not hesitate to send me an email or check out our website for more help! Do not forget to check out our facebook page here! in addition contact my lovely rush chairs

  • Brianne Coughlin (613) 898-9337
  • Darielle Segovia (416) 899-1246

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photo’s by: Marguerite Belanger

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