The New Tomb Raider

For as long as I remember, one of the first video games I ever played was Tomb Raider. When I was a pre-teen I would visit my family and we would take turns getting past a level. I would spend quality time with my cousins and my dad, bonding over this game. Lara Croft was one of my biggest role models and I even considered a career in archaeology. I saw her adventurous, bright and brave personality as something to strive towards. She was strong, loud and knew what she want.

When the original Tomb Raider films came out, I was ecstatic. Angelia Jolie brought to life an amazing character in her own way and I looked up to the idea of Lara Croft even more. Bringing her to life in those films created a cartoonish style with over-doing the classic 1996 version with larger breasts and generated a sex symbol in a female character.

The fact that they have come a long way from that development is amazing and much needed. The Tomb Raider games from 2013 on have been some of the best interactive games I’ve ever played. Storylines are diverse, the adventures are longer and Lara is rounded and braver than ever. It would only make sense that the 2018 film is too.

My favourite aspect of this new film is Alicia Vikander. Growing up, I only knew the Lara in the video games and Angelia Jolie. They closely resembled each other and I didn’t think anyone could compare.

Sitting down, watching Alicia Vikander jump from a plane and tackle down a man two times her size was all I needed to envision her as Lara Croft. The storyline followed the 2013 video game, altering a few details. It includes the story of Himiko, the first queen of Japan. The film follows Lara adjusting to life after her fathers death, without her inheritance. She works as a courier and in her free time, she boxes and does anything just to get by.

It takes almost half the movie until Lara begins exploring tombs but this is an origin story. It’s important to remember that as the audience. The origin story is for learning things about a beloved character that you didn’t know before.

The film was incredibly well-portrayed. Although I know there was a problem a lot of people had with the modernization of Lara Croft and the storyline. I would recommend everyone giving it a chance. The idea is there, it is the modernization of this iconic character. She isn’t the same character you knew in the early video games. Which is a good thing, in my opinion.

There is a lot of action, development and a creation of a new female role model with young teen girls like myself. It can show them that they can be strong, brave and loud. That they should never give up and fight for things they care about. Lara Croft is an icon that most people have heard of and now, little girls can look up to the modern Tomb Raider. Lara Croft is someone they can see themselves becoming.

I know I love Tomb Raider and Lara, I just want everyone to love and admire her as much as I do. The 2018 film shows all the improvements that the video games has made since 2013 and I’m thrilled that the world can finally see that on the big screen.

Tomb Raider (2013) Video Game

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Tomb Raider (2018) Film 

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