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So school is right around the corner, whether you’re heading off to college or the first day of high school. There’s one thing you want and that’s to be prepared. I know that feeling oh too well. For high school, it was about my outfit. For college, it’s reading through my syllabus.

Back to school is a stressful time, I know one of my top concerns is will I have enough coffee? I know that’s a really silly concern but when you have three 8:30 AM’s in a row and  live far from campus, coffee is necessary. Thanks to Canadian Tire, it’s a quick one-stop spot. They have everything you need for back to school and living on your own. They kindly sent me a Keurig (rock on, I love coffee so much I want to cry) and their 10-piece cooking set.

The Keurig, I already know is going to save my life this year. Buying coffee on campus is so expensive and in my opinion you should only be drinking coffee in the morning (even though as I am writing this it’s 9PM and I’m drinking iced coffee). This Keurig is great because you can purchase a special diffuser to buy coffee grinds and saves some money on your favourite coffee brands. Also another fave of mine is that this has an automatic shut off. I love this feature because I know for a fact I would forget to turn it off in the AM when I’m rushing to class.

The Master Chef cooking set has everything you could ever want for cooking up noodles, rice and Kraft Dinner. I promise you’ll have cooler cooking supplies than all of your roommates or anyone in your residence. They are stainless steel which means it doesn’t affect the flavor of your food (even that KD) and distributes the heat throughout for the best cooking results. My FAVOURITE thing about these are the clear lids. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to lift up the lid and literally burn my face or ruin a pair of glasses from the steam. So yeah, you could say I was thrilled to receive this amazing addition to my collection of kitchen supplies I’ve collected over the years to help me more out (I cried a bit).

Back to school also means back to school clothing and I know for me, that means new workout clothes. I love getting back into the swing of things in September when school starts and I have a schedule to follow. Working out is such an important thing to do during the school year because it’s a stressful time and you need a way to release that stress. Thanks to Sportchek, I got all the back to school workout clothes I could need for the whole year. My essentials are: gym bag, shoes, pants and occasionally a new top. I’m the type of girl to workout in an old t-shirt and now I have an actual workout shirt I can feel good in.

The amazing thing about all these items are that I would 100% wear them to classes and to the gym. They are so versatile, whether you’re sweating it out or thinking about having a lazy day for your classes. Plus these leggings from Firefly are going to be your new best friend. Also, please don’t get me started on the Nike gym bag or the shoes … what have I been doing all my life without them?? The free run flykits have changed my life. These are the comfiest Nike’s I’ve ever owned. If you need a shoe to wear to everything from running errands to running on the treadmill, these are the shoe for you. They have a natural curve and molds to your feet so it’s the ultimate comfort for you and you alone. I could honestly rave about these shoes for hours. I could even show you a little dance with them on to confirm, they are comfy and practical.

Back To School = No Stress

Here below are some awesome snapshots of me modeling my amazing gifts from Sportchek. I hope you check them out for all your back to school needs and desires! 



Thanks for reading! Thanks to Sportchek and Canadian Tire for sponsoring this blog post!

Photos of Me Rocking new Sportchek gear


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