One Shoe 4 Ways

Hey guys! Welcome back to another post involving something I don’t really know that much about! Yup! Fashion. So lately, I’ve noticed these shoes are making a comeback. Since it’s summer and they’re such a great subtle shoe, I’ve decided to showcase some different ways to wear these cute little numbers. So these shoes, the ones I’m specifically wearing are Steve Madden but I have a lot of friends who’ve gotten similar at ALDO, Spring and even Winners.

These shoes look good with everything, which is probably a weird thing to say considering they aren’t your typical shoe. My favourite outfit to wear with these shoes is my casual outfit, jeans and a t-shirt, look best with this style. Here, I’m going to show you four different ways to style this shoe. I’ve got girly, casual, business casual and edgy! I hope you all enjoy the outfits and let me know in the comments if I should try wearing these with anything else!


Let’s start off with my favourite! Casual! I love wearing these shoes with jeans and a t-shirt, it’s super simple. It helps to create a more put together look instead of throwing on sneakers or flip flops. Try it out this summer! Simple jeans and white tee would look great with these, I choose a fancier top but you can totally rock this with more simple pieces!


I love this dress because it’s perfect for summer! It may look heavy…  but I did cover it with my jacket but it is super light, feminine and edgy all in one. Black is usually my go-to when I want to create a more edgier look. This dress has some flowers and lace on it and I believe it can tone down the intensity of both the jacket and dress. These shoes can also look amazing with: leather pants, dark green pants or dress and a military jacket.

Business Casual

So since I started my new job, I wear mostly business casual. It may not look like much but this outfit can be the difference between someone taking you more seriously in your workplace. These pants make me so happy, they are comfortable and cropped. Cropped pants are my favourite because they are usually the right length for my short legs. I would usually pair these pants with a simple top – either grey, white or black. Anything to highlight the pants.


This outfit SCREAMS summer! I have had it for over a month and since the weather is so up and down in Canada, I haven’t had a chance to wear it. This matching set is a perfect pair for these shoes and for summer! Hands down my favourite outfit. Viola! just see for yourself! I also paired this outfit with a jacket to see how it would look dressed up, safe to say, I loved it!


Photographer: Catherine Johnson

Thanks so much for reading! Let me know in the comments what you thought! xoxo

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