My Travel Bucket-list

I am one of those people, like the rest of the planet… or most of the planet, who want to travel. I love packing, spending time organizing my trips and I even love flying. Okay maybe not the taking off and the landing but everything in between. There are a few places that I would love to see in my lifetime and I really hope I save up enough money to go there but, we’ll see.

  1. Sweden

I’ve seen so many pictures of Sweden, the buildings, the food and the places to visit while you’re there. I follow this account, toursweden and every photo is absolutely breathtaking. The photo opportunities, in my mind, would be incredible. I can’t even express my love and admiration for this country, even though I’ve never been and only read about it while looking at pictures and cry about how I’ll probably only be able to go there when I retire.

  1. New Zealand

The sole reason I want to go to New Zealand is for Lord of the Rings. I want to visit the shire and enjoy buildings that are made for people my height. I’m kidding… But am I? New Zealand is filed with so much culture and incredible landscape that I know 10/10 I would be thrilled if I saw in person.

  1. Alaska

I want to go dog sledding. Imagine, 6-9 dogs, pulling you around, across mountains of snow. I feel like this is 100% a Canadian stereotype in my mind but honestly, I want to experience something more Canadian. I am certain you can go dog sledding in other locations but in mind, I am in Alaska. This probably should be number one on my list but if I could visit Alaska before I turn 30, I would say I made it. I also want to visit this state because of the Northern Lights. There are other locations I’m absolutely sure you could see them better but again, in my mind when I’m looking at the Northern Lights, I am in Alaska.

  1. Ireland

Ireland is one of those places I believe is out of a story book. I see pictures of Ireland and I see some of my friends going there and I don’t believe it’s real. I know this sounds funny or even naïve but the country looks so breathtaking that I believe I would have to be there to actually understand how it’s one of the prettiest places on Earth. In my mind anyways, it’s one of those places.

  1. Vietnam

This is a place I’ve thought about visiting a lot. I know it’s not a conventional place to travel and recently I’ve noticed a lot of people want to travel here more. I believe spending some time on the other side of the world, exploring different types of food, culture and scenery would be an opportunity of a lifetime. I have also heard this area of the world is very unsafe but just stay there for one or two nights would make my heart so full.

  1. Croatia

When I think of Europe, I don’t think of Italy or England or Germany… I think about Croatia. The country is surrounded by water and ohhhhhh myyyyy god, the water. I really love clear water, I just want to swim, scuba dive and enjoy every second in this place. This is another place that I should probably move up on my list but for now, this is a bucket list because from what I’ve researched and seen, traveling here is expensive.

  1. Peru

I would love to explore South America, there is a girl I follow on Instagram that is currently studying abroad. It looks like such a fantastic, fresh country and all the landmarks I could explore in such a huge space. I think this should be higher on my list as well.

  1. Washington, D.C

To see the museums, the White House and everything that comes with it. I may not agree about who is in office at this current moment but seeing the White House despite the leader of America is something I wouldn’t miss for the world. I really hope I can make this trip happen because it’s more of a local trip that may not be as expensive as Europe or South America but just as culturally informing.

  1. Arizona

I think this is a no brainer, this list isn’t in the right order… I think I’m just throwing out placing I want to go and hoping they make the top 10 list. Arizona is somewhere that screams vacation for me, it screams endless photo opportunity and incredible weather. (by incredible, I mean global warming incredible). I would love to explore the deserts and really experience another world.

  1. South Africa

A girl I follow on Instagram had recently went to South Africa for a month and oh my god. The amount of incredible views and activities she did while she was there for a month was just breathtaking. I would love to surf there and just explore yet another amazing country the world has to offer.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you all get to explore every aspect of the world, near and far. It’s an incredible place filled with vast hills and amazing people, no matter where you are. Xoxo


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