May Playlist

So yes I know I missed the April Playlist, BUT I did put together a bigger track list for May, some of my favorite tunes over the past past two months. They have lifted me up and tore me down all at the same time. These are all recent releases and remixes from some of the more popular songs that are currently on the top charts. I tend to listen to those songs more frequently than more indie tracks.

I spend a lot of time listening to music, so I almost always want them to be catchy and make me feel like I’m accomplishing even the smallest thing, doing the dishes… rave music, cleaning my room… Ed Sheeran remixes. I want to feel like I am at a dance party at all times, no matter the circumstance. Crying about an ex? You better believe I have some sort of remix playing in the background to pump me up again. Why? Because boys suck and girls rule… Why else?

But yes, of course it’s always great to have some songs that are sad and have slow tunes to put you to sleep but I’m creating these playlists to pump people up (except for Harry Styles’ new song, that is purely there for my love for him and his new sound). So here you have it folks, May ‘17 Playlist! I really hope you all enjoy it and experience this music in any situation you want. Can’t wait to the June Playlist!

Thanks for reading! Xoxo

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Viola! The May Playlist


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