March Playlist

Hi everyone! Although I haven’t posted a playlist in a very long time. I wanted to start this up again because the music that has been coming out has been extremely benefited my mental health and my workout routine. I have really missed making these monthly playlists, it’s almost like a creative release for me. Currently I’m listening to my March playlist as I type this. Oh boy, it’s FILLED with some amazing jams. Some of my favourite artists this month have defiantly been Logic, Madison Beer and Shawn Mendes.

I also had to add the new Panic! At the Disco and Jesse McCartney because you cannot look me straight in the face and tell me you didn’t listen to either of them when you were growing up. Jesse McCartney’s new song is such a catchy upbeat song that even your mom and grandma will like, so thanks for that Jesse!

Another reason why (if you looked through the playlist) You’d notice there is a lot of Logic. I can easily say he is my favourite rapper right now. His beats are so unique and then everything he sings about is so important and is bigger than money, partying, drugs and alcohol. He wrote a song about suicide and wanting to die, I don’t know a single rapper that created a more real song to try to help prevent suicide. He released a new album, Bobby Tarantino II and my favourite song off is Yuck or Wassup (ft. Big Sean). Have a listen and expose your mind to some different types of music today! You won’t be sorry.

Thank you all for enjoying my playlists! I can’t wait to create April’s playlist and I am looking forward to music always being something bigger than just you and I.



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