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Over the Christmas break I acquired the much loved Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette as a gift from my favourite person in the world. When I first got it I was quite nervous because before this palette, I was only using bronzer and a highlighter, nothing else for defining my face. I really love how there are shades for every skin tone. Myself, being more on the pale side can use the majority of the colors but there are a few that can be used for less pale skin tones.

The palette is extremely versatile and incredibly easy to apply for even the simplest of makeup users. The powder while easy to apply has to applied lightly because you will be spending more time blending than you would like if you apply too much of it. Another great thing about the palette is that it comes with a guide to help with contouring and how to apply the product depending on your face shape.

Another product I recently acquired was the MAC Ariana Grande lipstick in the color VIVA GLAM. When I heard about this release I just had to pick it up, despite my lack of income. I fell in love with this color when I first walked into the store and tried it out on my hand and even though I have similar colors by Urban Decay and NARS, this color is matte. The thing I love best about this lipstick is what I love about all MAC lipsticks, when applied, it’s smooth and lasts all day with minimal re-application.

The other thing I absolutely adore about this release is that every cent goes to charity. I bought two, one for myself and one for one of my best friends, so seeing that all that money goes directly to a charity of Ariana Grande’s choice really pushed me to purchase one. The marketing behind this product was incredibly well done… with exposure throughout Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the giant sticker of Ariana on the window of the MAC store, it really is eye-opening and really interesting to witness.

Overall I would say that both of these products are two that you should add to your makeup collection because in the long run, they will overall benefit your day-to-day looks or when you want to experiment.

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All photos are taken by myself


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