July Playlist

Okay so I went a little hard this month. I decided that this was going to be the “throwback playlist.” With some new tracks added to the mix. Hey, who doesn’t love Mambo Number 5 or Smash Mouth? You do? Then stop reading right now. I added some classic tunes to the July playlist because you need something to throw a quick blast from the past. I know it seems weird to throw these songs in here because they’re older. They might not fit too well with the rest of the songs but hey, just don’t listen to them

I hope everyone enjoys the month of July, let me know what you’re up to in the comments! I’m off to California in just two short weeks. For a fact, I am sure that this playlist will be played on repeat throughout my many flights and delays to SAN DIEGO. I really enjoyed putting this playlist together (I did not put it together the night before and start writing this at 11:30PM) I spent a few days on it, making sure it was just right for all my listeners! Who actually knows how many people listen to these playlists but that’s okay because I actually listen to them… so they are NOT wasteful.

Hope everyone has a great month and don’t forget to check out my other social media below!

July Playlist


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