De-Cluttering for September

Recently, I had a friend ask me what I do to clear out my closet. She wanted to know how I parted with some of my favourite articles of clothing. For a while though, my closest would be filled with things I’ve never worn or even taken the tags off. I try to go through my closest every six months and try to think about each shirt, sweater, pant and even sometimes bras.

Today, I want to share with you my thought process behind de-cluttering my closet for September, back to school and organizing your closest in an easier way. First of all, get yourself a hanging rack. If you have space in your room, great! They cost 10$ at IKEA. I wish I knew that without having spent 30$ on similar ones. Once you have this rack, I would recommend putting your most popular clothes there. I mean, clothes you wear on a weekly basis. So, those leggings and leather jacket you wear every Friday, those can go there. Basically anything you can see yourself wearing if you need less than 5 minutes to get ready.

Second of all, trim that wardrobe. When I am getting rid of clothes I like to think about the last time I wore it and ask myself if I felt comfortable in it. If the answer is no, then I toss it. Then if answer is maybe, I like to re-try it on and try to put an outfit together for it and see if I like it. When the answer is yes, I leave it hanging up in the closet. Sometimes I have a difficult time parting with a piece of clothing because it holds a special memory with it and that’s fine… But don’t keep it if it associates you with an ex-boyfriend, friend or if you stole the piece of clothing when you were 14. Bad memories will just drag you down and so will bad clothes.

Giving your clothes away is such a nice feeling. Every time I rid my clothes, I drive down to multiple woman’s shelters in my city and ask if they need clothes. Most of the time, they do and I am happy to give over my old clothes to people who need them more than I do. I try to also ask what they need while I’m around. I write it down so if I’m getting rid of a similar thing a few weeks later, are unsure… I remember that they NEED it and part with it willingly.

Another tip I have for clearing out your closet is to think about colors. If you say, have a lot of black like I do. I go through that first because you never know if you accidentally have two of the same thing or similar pieces. Then you can cut down your closet and cut down on that color.

When I’ve finished de-cluttering, I like to re-organize my closet. Most of the time, I keep it sorted the same. I sort mine by color, then put the longer shirts, sweaters in the front. Then shorter shirts, etc. in the back. If you are looking at your closet, you should feel at peace in my opinion. It shouldn’t stress you out but encourage you to find that perfect outfit for your day. I keep greys, blacks and dark colors together. While the reds, blues, pinks and whites are together. So then I know where my statement pieces are so I can match them accordingly.

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