Blogger of The Week: Poppy Deyes

This week’s blogger of the Week is UK’s own Poppy Deyes. She is one of my favorite ever-growing bloggers. She is the sister of Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog) but in my opinion, she has access to such a different audience than the vlogger. Her content on her blog is made up of travel, food and lifestyle. Some of my favorite things and one of the main reasons she’s this week’s blogger of the week.

Her photos she adds to her posts are incredible, each styled out not looking staged or fake. Which is one of the best quality of her blog. Recently she posted a blog about exploring New York and I almost cried, it was so aesthetically pleasing. Her posts are not only pleasing to the eyes but also her posts are easy to read and easily relatable.

Poppy posts things she’s passionate about and I personally really respect that. She’s got over a million Instagram followers and I could only imagine how many views she has on her blog but I enjoy reading every post and I know Poppy’s blog will only improve from here. Not only is she on an amazing path to success, her blog showcases all the brands, products and all the amazing recipes she believes in and I believe that’s the first step in the right direction. Keep up all the amazing work, Poppy!

a few of my favourite posts that I enjoyed reading and I encourage you all to check them out are below and I hope you love reading them as much as I have.

Favourite Posts

These posts are some of my favorites and I’ve even went back to read them and look at all the amazing photos she’s taken. I’ve even tried the brownie recipe and it’s to die for! Please check out Poppy Deyes’s blog here and her Instagram here!

All photos can be found on Poppy Deyes’s website

thanks so much for reading, xoxo

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