August Goals

Though it’s halfway through August, I want to showcase some of the things I want to accomplish! Thankfully it’s right before I head back to the busy hectic schedule that College will bring. That way I can focus on myself first. First of all, I would love to hear what everyone wants to accomplish for this month or what things you want to try. I personally have wanted to focus on my mental and physical health. While I’ve slipped away from that goal in July, I’m ready to jump back for August.

Some of my goals for August seem far-fetched but I want to try to at least start them so I can continue making them habits. For starters, I want to make regular weekly YouTube videos. I can’t remember when I wanted to start this and I know it’s been an idea of mine for a while. I spend a lot of time on YouTube so I figured I’d start.

Attempting a better lifestyle because lately my creativity has been suffering. Over the past four months I’ve been working two jobs and haven’t been able to really spend as much time doing the things I enjoy. I want more time working on my body and more time eating and cooking food that is good for me and my health.

I would love to start up again is violin. In January, I started violin lessons but then stopped because of summer school. I was hopeful that I could start up again after the semester was over but considering I got a second job that didn’t work out. I hope I can make the time for it before I don’t have a single moment of free time.

Saving money… Since starting College I’ve had a hard time with saving my money. Mostly because of the stress my classes give me. I feel like I need to participate in various forms of retail therapy. I want to eventually move out and be able to afford my own home, which means I can’t keep spending money on useless things.

Giving back to the community while volunteering more would be a dream come true. With my involvement in multiple fundraisers over the school year, I feel like that isn’t enough. Planning my own charity event would be a great experience and something I’ve never taken part in. While maybe attending different types of events I’ve never been to.

Finally, something I want to strive on is being a better friend. Considering all summer most of my time was spent working and some quality time with my bed. Friendships have taken a backseat. I really want to change that. While also making sure they know how much I appreciate and love having them around.

So, everyone, these are the August goals. Setting goals for yourself each month is such a good idea to work towards bettering yourself. While also being happy with your achievements. No matter how big or small.

Thank you so much for reading, xoxo.


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