InTheFrow by Victoria Magrath: My Role Model

When I think of a successful bloggers, a few names come to mind. Although, there is one that I look up to more than the others. There is one blogger that seems to have it all together, effortlessly. She’s calm, cool and collected. She also is probably one of the only bloggers I would fangirl over if I ever met her. She is Victoria Magrath, the creator of InTheFrow. When you think of a blogger, you think of someone who generated enough income to write about fashion, etc for a job… right? Which usually means not completing University or college, in many cases.

Thanks to Victoria, I think of a blogger as someone who has obtained a PhD in fashion marketing, an educator and someone who has decided to pursue blogging… Almost as though that was the next step to her concurring the world.

I’ve personally been following Victoria on Instagram for almost two years, watching her and her blog grow is incredible. I have written about Victoria before but I wanted to dedicate a new, improved post all about her. No, not as Blogger of The Week but as one of my role models.

Victoria has only had InTheFrow for a little bit over 5 years and she has already achieved so much. Recently, she visited NASA and got to experience what it would be like to go to space, attended the British Fashion Awards and I’m sure she’s got some incredibly opportunities in the work right now… All to which I can’t wait to see and watch.

One of the many reasons why I look up to Victoria so much is not only because she is a successful blogger or scholar but because of how she carries herself. Professional, poised, approachable and educated. Working in a digital world is a tough job but Victoria manages to keep her personally and professional world separate, which I admire.

Considering how much of your life is online when you’re working in the digital world, that can lead to a lot of negativity. I have only seen nothing but positivity from Victoria, regardless of the subject. Of course, certain topics are harder to approach but Victoria always seems to have a positive take and outlook on it, something that is difficult for a lot of people, myself included.

Recently, Victoria put out a more serious video concerning her experience with being assaulted. I remember watching thinking how hard it must have been to film that video and the amount of strength it must have taken for her to click the upload button. One of the most incredible things a YouTuber can do, is use their platforms for good. I believe that’s exactly what Victoria has done with this video.

Victoria puts together so much amazing content, regardless if she’s sick or not. She is always outputting things for her audience, which I admire. She works hard, dresses nice and has a killer Instagram. Theses are all things I aspire to be, including her signature blonde hair. I can’t wait to see what she gets up to next and where her career goes.

Check Her Out

Overall, I find it incredible that Victoria has grown her platform in five short years. She has built it from nothing but hard work and dedication to her brand. This is what I aspire when I look at the future of my blog. Seeing Victoria work towards her goals, inspires me to work towards mine. So thank you Victoria, for not only inspiring me but others as well. Your hard work does not go unnoticed and you deserve all the incredible opportunities coming your way for 2018!

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All photos are from Victoria’s website, taken by Alex.

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  1. December 13, 2017 / 6:55 pm

    I am such a big fan of Victoria too! I wish I could just go for a really nice meal and have an amazing chat with her. She must have such great advice and stories to tell. She’s wonderful!

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