10 Tips for Traveling

  1. Choose a capable carry-on

When deciding on which carry on to pick, try something that you know fits everything you’ll need for your flight. I usually go with a bigger purse or a backpack to fit all my items in for when I’m travelling. If you want to know what I put in my carry-on and how I decide which bag I want to pick, watch my YouTube video linked below!

  1. Plan for Earlier

If you are going on a trip to a place you’ve never been before or even to somewhere you know well, always try to find an earlier flight or transportation method. It usually means it will be a bit cheaper (no one wants to fly at 5AM) but it means you’ll get an extra few hours exploring a new city or spending time with your family. This also means planning ahead for where you are going to stay, what you want to see. These things don’t just fall together, this can take up to a few months to get right, so start earlier so you’re not running around booking hotels in sketchy neighbourhoods.

  1. Stash Extra Cash

So… This is just a no brainer. If you ever run out of cash and you don’t have access to a bank machine for a long period of time, this is going to be your best friend. Depends on where you’re going, a hundred to a few hundred dollars would be a good base point to keep hidden. A good place to hid this money is, in shoes, socks, your toiletry bag, smaller zipper components in your suitcase/backpack.

  1. Have backups

If you’re travelling with camera gear or a laptop, make sure you have a physical copy (external hard drive) or a digital copy of everything, just in case. This can also be used in the sense of your passport, driver’s license and important documents you might need for travelling.

  1. Don’t Pack Extra

When I travel, I make sure I try on all my outfits before I pack them to make sure it fits, I find it comfortable and they go together before I place them in my suitcase or backpack. I also would recommend repeating outfits, wear the same top but with a different pants or shorts.  I also wouldn’t recommend packing an outfit or piece of clothing you’ve never worn before… This could end in some problems you don’t want while traveling. EXCEPT you should pack extra underwear, always pack extra underwear.

  1. Always wear sunscreen

I learned this lesson when I came back from my trip last year and had to work 4 hours after my flight landed and I could barely move my arms. This isn’t something I would recommend forgetting… This should be one of the first things you pack into your carry-on. I also wouldn’t recommend checking this as you may need it on the first day you arrive. Basically, anywhere that’s sunny or warm, you should be wearing sunscreen. It may not seem like it’s hot out but the sun is literally a ball of fire.

  1. Be Flexible

Go with the flow… If you have something planned and it doesn’t work out for some reason, don’t be heartbroken. Try to re-do that activity for a different day or it’ll be an excuse for you to come back to that city or place again to do the thing you missed. Also this is helpful if you run into a bad weather day, find alternative that you can do so you won’t be too disappointed. You can’t make everything happen, so don’t force it and enjoy the moment, especially since you’re on vacation.

  1. Treat yourself

You’re on vacation, if you have dietary restrictions, obviously be more observant in the things you consume. If you aren’t sure if you should get the chocolate cake or the fruit salad, get the cake. You’ll be happy you did. It’s all about balance and you’ll probably end up walking it off when you are exploring a new city. You shouldn’t hold yourself back from the little things while on vacation.

  1. Be productive

Flying can seem uneventful and quiet often, boring. If you only bring your computer or phone, you may find yourself becoming antsy. I’m sure someone would just say you can go to sleep but for me, sleeping on planes always results in uncomfortable naps and waking up even more anxious than when I went to sleep. I usually bring books I’ve been “meaning to read” and coloring books, just so I have something else to do. If you want to see what else I’m bringing, check out my YouTube video “What’s in my travel bag” below.

  1. Lists are your best friends

If you have a feeling you are forgetting something, make a list. Are you are unsure of all the things you want to see, make a list. You want to do work on your flight, make a list. This is the last and final tip I will pass along to all the new and experienced travelers. Sometimes you forget a thing, that’s okay… Unless it’s important, I wouldn’t let that ruin your vacation. Normally, if you are traveling in any major cities, you can find what you need so don’t beat yourself up for forgetting your 9$ sunglasses. But if you made a list, I’m sure you would have remembered them 😉

Check out my YouTube video below on what I put in my travel bag!

Thanks for reading, xoxo

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